European Committee for Specialised Action for Children and Families in their living environment / INGO AT THE COUNCIL OF EUROPE

Practice writing and writing practices
ROUSSEAU P. Paris : L’Harmattan. 2008.

The lack of clarity of social work appears exacerbated in areas where the exercise intervention is not very explicit, like some devices using home as Educational Action Open Environment (AEMO). In this situation, is the difficulty educators to formulate the content of their work in a context where conflicting an aid mission control centers, reactivate identity tensions in the art.
Writing is a concrete part of the business stakeholders , the book proposes to study the reports to juvenile court judges, following the dual side of professional writing, that is to say practical written and writing practices. These two aspects are developed in the context of a possible access to effective practices modality.
This book addresses the different actors in charge of child welfare involved in writing under the mandate, they are the sponsor or contractor. It also covers all social workers face the writing on the other difficulty, inadequate or disabled, the writes about introducing a dynamic where the objectification of speech interferes with relationship issues. The book, which reports a research developed in the framework of a thesis reveals how the diversity of practices remains contradictory impression of the mission. It also shows how a set of language strategies contributes to the management constraints of writing.