European Committee for Specialised Action for Children and Families in their living environment / INGO AT THE COUNCIL OF EUROPE

Placement in substitute family
News international research
TLLARD B., RURKA. Paris : L’Harmattan. 2009

When the child is exposed to risks that put “at risk the health, safety , morals or education,” when suffering to the point of jeopardizing , or when it is abused by a person of his environment, social interventions are implemented. Policies of child protection mobilize different forms of intervention: support for parents, placing the child in foster care or institutions, or adoption. Work from international research illustrate some strengths and limitations of each of these possibilities.
This book therefore presents : a wide range of research on the observation of children in institutional care or foster care (Australia, Belgium , Scotland, Finland ), an analysis of the work measuring the effects of institutional investment on the evolution child ( Netherlands), a comparison between the British and French policy of child protection, as well as the difficulties of the choice of adoption family ( Britain, France ). In conclusion are discussed dilemmas between rights of the child, and between the rights of children and their parents (Israel, Netherlands).
This research, conducted in particular in Europe, will be useful to researchers and practitioners. We hope that they can help develop new research in this field, but also food for thought necessary for the design of measures aimed at children and their families.