European Committee for Specialised Action for Children and Families in their living environment / INGO AT THE COUNCIL OF EUROPE

Suffering in the adoption
SELLENET C. Paris : De Boeck. 2009

Truth is not good to say, say, and yet it must be silent on the more or less serious difficulties encountered by adoptees and adopters ? We think not and we run the risk of hearing and expose hidden suffering, hidden, untold until now. This book is not a denunciation of the adoption remains an excellent way to create a family or larger, but it opens a debate on the suffering of some broken trajectories on symptoms of children difficult to contain, on the loneliness of some parents and the difficulties faced by professionals to meet these new needs assistance and support. The adoption is not only the magical encounter desires, it remains a complex adventure sometimes fraught with hazards it behooves us to understand. Far from being fatalistic, this book opens a door, the hope to work together to become adopted children. The reader will find testimonials from parents, children , analysis of situations, ways to intervene and form. It is today that prepares the future of many adopted children, which we all share responsibility.