European Committee for Specialised Action for Children and Families in their living environment / INGO AT THE COUNCIL OF EUROPE

Effectiveness of educational activities Nonprofit
Point users and professionals
RURKA A. Paris : L’Harmattan. 2008.

This book proposes a reading of the effectiveness of socio- educational interventions as multidimensional object. The views of parents of children followed by Educational Action Services Domestic Help ( DEXA ) is mainly explored in this work. This study emphasizes the meaning given by the actors of the aid relationship , addressing representations of the effectiveness of an intersubjective way. The completion of this survey was accompanied by legislative changes that have re-articulated the role of users in services child protection. Places taken and allocated in the aid relationship do they influence the perceived effectiveness of the measure ?
What is an effective aid for parents of children followed in AEAD ? She has the same meaning for parents and professionals ? The efficiency has emerged as a complex concept related to a circular and retroactive to the skills and change way. The word of a user does an evaluative function? If yes , what role she will occupy during the evaluation is one of the key moments in the socio- educational intervention ? This book is a scientific form of exploration of perceived effectiveness of a device of social work, as well as perceived quality 1a , translated in terms of satisfaction.