European Committee for Specialised Action for Children and Families in their living environment / INGO AT THE COUNCIL OF EUROPE

Child Protection
Lyrics professional educational action in an open environment and challenges for evaluation
EME B. et le CNAEMO. Paris : L’Harmattan. 2009.

The law of 2 January 2002 introduced the obligation to assess social work institutions and medico-social . Crossroads of the National Educational Action Open Environment became interested in issues of evaluation ( normative foundations , ethical and political ) upstream of the development of standards of “good practices ” in the use of social workers , sector Child Protection . This work is the result of an action research but also a political position of the association that recognizes the mosaic of professional practices , while remaining attentive to the effects of decentralization. The exercise of AEMO continues to evolve since the Act of 5 March 2007 and the Reform of Child Protection . Contextualization practices therefore seemed indispensable to understand its characteristics. Reading of this work is to be taken as a theoretical basis built from the word of professionals who say their ordinary work. Particular job, but is perhaps not without resonance.