The partnership is an important element in the construction of  Europe. It is the engine of our activities. Since the creation of the EUROCEF, the partnership was considered essential, making possible the exchange of practices.

Over time, this dynamic has led us to develop partnerships with different actors, European, national or local institutions or associations, and organize their common work. Some partnerships last for years and they are powered by new networks, which are developing with the new projects.

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Partenaires permanents


cnaemoCNAEMO (National Crossroads of educational action open)
founder EUROCEF Association which brings together many of the associations and social workers working in France in the field of educational work in an open environment.


jean_cotxetAssociation Jean Cotxet
Association manager many institutions and socio-educational services in the Paris region.



Mouvement Européen des Travailleurs Sociaux  (METS)
Association founded in April 1988 by a group of social workers, which today brings together educators, social workers, psychologists, trainers, counselor social and family economics, etc.., working in areas different (disability, migration, socio-professional integration, psychiatry, women victims of violence, child protection …).


globulin-amoASBL Globul’In (French Community of Belgium)
Service to help young Open Environment approved by the French Community, which is aimed at young people aged 0-18 years, but also their parents, families, teachers and educators.


avenirsocialAvenir social association des travailleurs sociaux Suisses
Association, which officially represents the professional-le-s who have completed training in the fields of social action.

The FISSAAJ Federation is a service that aims to promote, support and defend the services set up with individuals physically, psychologically or mentally handicapped and / or socially trouble