Youth and exclusion in disadvantaged urban areas : policy approaches in six European cities

Trends in social cohesion, No. 9, 2004, unknown and interesting paper.
In continuation of volume 8 of this series “Trends”, the book depth at the “integration” of young people in deprived urban areas. A comparative quarters “difficult” analysis of six European cities-d’Est as the West and the detailed study of a particular project in the Spanish quarter of Naples reveal that only a coordinated effort by several stakeholders and innovative approaches and context can make these young people dignity and the ability to build a life…

Using social benefits to combat poverty and social exclusion : a comparative examination of the opportunities and problems

HEIKKILÄ Matti et KUIVALAINEN Susan (2002)
Document unknown and interesting.
The volume presents a comparative analysis of the definitions of poverty and its various thresholds and the use made ​​of it in actual policies. Correspondents in each country were instructed to calculate the liberality of minimum income schemes in relation to average and low wages and national poverty lines for various household types previously defined…

Integrated social services in Europe

Strasbourg: Council of Europe, MUNDAY B. (ed.) (2007).
A reference if you want to know the future trends in the organization of social services.
This report is the result of a two-year project led by a group of experts to examine the integration of social services to other selected public services. The integration covers a range of approaches and methods to improve the coordination and effectiveness between different services to best meet the interests of users, their families or staff assistance…